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Hirsch’s, a name synonymous with service and brand excellence has taken the home appliance world by storm! With seventeen branches and concept stores spread throughout South Africa, they have become a force to be reckoned with.

An appliance repair man who unwittingly became an entrepreneur, Allan Hirsch and his wife Margaret started their family run appliance business in a tiny showroom in Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban, in 1979 with just R900 that they had saved.

Today Hirsch’s has grown into a chain of mega appliance and home furnishing stores in KZN, Cape Town and Gauteng.  By the end of 2012, Hirsch will have topped the R1 billion turnover milestone . The Hirsch’s started off small, but have built a strong base of customers over the years, first with repairs and second-hand repaired appliances and then into a fully-fledged appliance, electronics and household goods  retailer. Hirsch’s is very much a family run business with all four members of the Hirsch family involved in day to day operations. Over the years, Margaret, the Chief Operations Officer of the company, has seen potential where most people see obstacles. When microwaves first hit the South African market, Margaret mastered the product, and saw an opportunity to provide an additional valuable service to customers. She started a Microwave cooking school, which ultimately led to Hirsch’s publishing a very successful microwave cookbook which is still available in all stores today. A second book, Living The Vegetarian Life was published in July this year. It is apt that this dynamic, motivated woman was recently crowned BUSINESS WOMAN OF THE YEAR (Entrepreneur).  Last year CEO magazine nominated her as the Most Influential Woman in Retail in South Africa.

Hirsch’s have grown at a phenomenal pace, launching, on average, one store every two years. In 1998, motivated by the determination and drive in his parents; Richard Hirsch decided to join them in their venture of product and service excellence. A year later Luci joined the family business. 

Richard is Managing Director of the Hirsch Group and while working his way through the ranks has proven time again that his commitment to his customers and to the Hirsch brand will always be a top priority. 

Luci started out as Margaret’s PA, and was also given the chance to work her way up in the company and find her niche. She did, and has taken the role as the Advertising co-ordinator to a whole new level. Luci Hirsch,  the Voice Of Hirsch’s has become a household name. 

As a family, the Hirsch’s form a formidable force supported by their management team who have a strong commitment to the same goals. This team is backed by 600 permanent employees and about 400 casual staff members who are as dedicated to the company as the Hirsch’s and their management team are. The Hirsch family does not take anything for granted and are regularly involved in various charities and sponsorships. Their giving nature ensures that they constantly support the less fortunate and they are always willing to help those in need. Allan, for instance, is a patron of the Phoenix Child Welfare society and Richard is a patron of the Claire-Ellis School.

Margaret Allan Luci and Richard HIRSCH FAMILY P1120762 LUCI MARGARET AND RICHARD P1190363



Over the years the company has continued to build a solid reputation by being associated with big brands, giving good service and carrying a wide range of products for the home. In KZN in 2000, they started their Home Store concept, where almost everything for the home can be purchased under one roof. This proved to be such a success that two years later, in 2002, they took the concept to Gauteng.  In April 2012 they opened their first branch in Cape Town (Milnerton) and their goal is to expand the brand further into South Africa, the rest of Africa – and overseas. 

While supplying new appliances has become a major part of the business, Hirsch’s has not forgotten its roots and they still carry out repairs and service any appliance for their customers. They also supply spares for any products that they sell. More recently, Hirsch’s entered into the electronic and gaming side of the industry and they have the most knowledgeable and experienced people specialising in hi-tech, including cameras, laptops and gaming equipment. 

The Hirsch’s, are as passionate about their business today as they were when they first opened in 1979 and the same excitement and enthusiasm still exists. They haven’t outgrown their stores, they’ve just built bigger stores and they continuously strive to give better service and empower their staff to stretch and achieve greater goals.

Our Philosophy
At HIRSCH we believe that to be successful and grow in the business world, you as an employee, have to be hungry to succeed, to light a fire within you and to avoid the danger of just being average. Growth cannot be achieved unless we adjust to the ever-changing conditions around us. We must be aware, flexible, proactive, able to change and constantly strive for improvement. Family spirit is essential. As a family we are strong, as individual members we are weak. We shall work together as a family in mutual trust and responsibility. It is our policy to encourage trust and self-reliance that each may gain self-respect through his own endeavour and to struggle hard for betterment.
All people are customers of HIRSCH. No person should want to buy elsewhere. We shall be fair and just in all our business and individual dealings. Without this, no man can win respect, no business can win respect. We must strive towards providing the right product, at the right price in an atmosphere of courtesy, friendliness and customer service excellence.

Our Aim
To have happy, satisfied customers who will return often.

Our Mission
To provide superb service.