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Kenwood Cooking Chef attachments you will be using are

pack flexibeater 300x300  pack stirringtool 300x300  food-processor 300x300



 -          1 quantity of basic pasta

For the ragout:

-          200g onions

-          100g celery

-          100g carrot

-          200g tomatoes

-          300g pancetta

-          600g beef (preferably from the skirt)

-          100ml tomato purée

-          100ml red wine

-          200ml milk

-          Seasoning

-          Parmesan cheese, to sprinkle

For the lasagne recipe, add:

-          ¼ litre of Béchamel sauce (see the recipe on page 148 / SAUCES section)

Basic recipe

1.   Make a quantity of basic pasta (see recipe on page 126) and use the Tagliatelle cutter for the pasta.

2.   Peel and slice the vegetables using the thick slicing blade of the Food Processor. Pass the pancetta through the medium screen of the Food Grinder (see Cook’s note) and reserve. Pass the beef through the coarse screen of the Food Grinder and reserve. Then pass the onions, celery, carrot and tomatoes through the coarse screen.

3.   Attach the Stirring Tool, set the temperature to maximum and the speed to stirring 1. Add the pancetta and cook for 10 minutes. Add the onions and vegetable mixture and tomato purée in ingredients and cook for 5 minutes. Add the beef and cook for another 5 minutes. Slowly add the wine, and bring to the boil to release the alcohol. Add the milk slowly, ensuring it is fully incorporated.

4.   Attach the Splashguard. Lower the temperature to 95ºC so the sauce is simmering, and set the timer for 3 hours. Add seasoning if necessary before serving with the cooked tagliatelle.

Cook’s note: The use of the Food Grinder isn’t essential, as the ingredients can be chopped in batches using the Food Processor, however, the end texture will not be as consistent.

To serve:

1.   To cook the pasta, half fill the bowl with salted water, set the temperature to 120°C and bring to a rolling boil. The pasta will be cooked after 5-7 minutes.

2.   Heat the sauce and mix the drained pasta into the pan, then top with Parmesan cheese.

Variation: Lasagne all Bolognese

1.   Make the Ragu alla Bolognese, but, instead of cutting the pasta into tagliatelle ribbons, cut it into 10cm x 15cm squares and leave to dry (Green pasta can be used for this recipe).

2.   Make ¼ litre of Béchamel sauce (see the recipe on page 148 / Sauces section).

3.   To finish, take a 30cm x 20cm ovenproof dish. Place some ragu sauce into the dish and place a layer of pasta on top, and then spread a layer of Béchamel sauce over the pasta. Top with more pasta, then spread another layer of ragu sauce. Continue alternating like this until the dish is full and the sauce used up. Ensure you finish with a layer of Béchamel and sprinkle with Parmesan.



2 and half hours


4 to 6


Braising beef






Olive Oil

4 tbsp


3-4 tbsp


to taste

Carrots (diced)


Red wine


Beef or veal stock


Sprigs thyme


Sprig of rosemary


Tomato pureé

1 tbsp

Worcester sauce

1 tsp

Serving of mashed potatoes



Basic recipe

  1. Mince the beef using the coarse screen of the Food Grinder. Slice the onions and celery in the Food Processor with the thin slicing disc.
  2. In a pan over a high heat brown the celery and onions in a little olive oil, then
    remove and reserve. Roll the minced beef in the flour, season and brown in the
    pan. You can do this in batches if you’re using a smaller pan.
  3. Attach the Stirring Tool, set the temperature to maximum and the speed to stirring 1. Add the vegetables and meat. Heat through and add the wine, stock, herbs, tomato purée and Worcestershire sauce slowly to avoid making the sauce lumpy, and simmer at 90ºC for 2 hours.
  4. Remove the thyme, add seasoning if necessary then transfer the meat to an
    ovenproof dish. Pipe the mashed potato over the top of the pie and place in a
    preheated oven at 180ºC/360ºF/Gas 4 for 30 minutes.


You can make Shepherd’s Pie using shoulder of lamb instead of beef, and a lamb or
chicken stock in place of beef stock.