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Pleasant shopping experience

Dear Mrs. and Mr. Hirsch

I had such a pleasant shopping experience at your new Milnerton store yesterday I just have to tell you about it. I think in my life I have only written 2 or 3 letters of complaint cannot remember ever writing a complimentary note - not to a retail outlet anyway. (I tell the dominee if I think he is doing a good job :-)).

I went to the opening of your new Milnerton store and at the time - altough I thoughts they were doing a good job - I found the sales attendants quite over bearing.
Yesterday the family and I went to your new store after church. We were helped by Shabir (spell?). We did not spend a cent - but rest assured we will be back. Shabir was great, we were looking at one or two specific things yet went all over the shop looking at fridages, TV's, lounge suites, kettles, toasters etc. Shabir was WONDERFULL, never over bearing always friendly and never wanting to just sell, sell, sell (Although I can guarantee you closer to Christmas he will make sales from us). He was almost like a child showing his friends all his new toys and I could just sense his passion for what he does. It was probably the greatest shopping experience of my life and not spending money has nothing to do with that sentiment.

Well done Shabir
See you soon
Andries and Nicole de Vries