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About Beko

Our story starts in 1955, as white goods were just becoming a fixture in every household. Since then, we’ve grown into Europe’s favourite freestanding home appliance brand.

Over the past two decades, we’ve focused on innovation to make our customers’ lives more convenient and healthier. The ease of use and practical technologies of our products has made us the fastest growing brand in the market.

Our aim is to empower new generations to live healthier. We focus on developing products that inspire a healthy lifestyle, from nutrient-saving kitchen appliances, to refrigerators that preserve food better for longer. Our products save both time and effort, allowing you to put that time into yourself and your family.

Our mission to manufacture environmentally friendly products is at the heart what we do. Efficient manufacturing processes using modern technologies allow us to create products that consider the past and shape the future of manufacturing.

We are committed to deepening the sustainable scope of our plant activities to minimise our lasting impact on the planet. We have set ambitious targets to achieve resource efficiency in production, by 2030, to meet our sustainability goals.