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November - Geared for Summer

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A New Standard Of Defining TV

Not all 4K TVs are the same. The ULTRA HD PREMIUM certification ensures that the picture and audio quality of the television is only of the highest standard. OLED TV complements this technology, providing the perfect pallet for you to view ULTRA HD Premium TV on…

Quadcopter Trend

Enter the DJI Mavic

The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone that turns the sky into your creative canvas easily andwithout worry, helping you make every moment an aerial moment. Its compact size hides a high degree of complexity thatmakes it one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever…

Weekly Updates

keep up with the latest recipes and tips, handpicked just for you each week. 

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Check out the latest taste sensations trending right now!  Never-fail chocolate cake,   cheat pizzas,   paprika and cream calamari


take a peak at some of our amazing recipes that you wouldn’t believe could be made at home…beer bread,  Hot Sriracha Sauce,  Daisy’s Ice-Cream Winner

The Yum Factor

Get the Latest Recipes with Our New Downloadable Yum Cards

we are a real family who love building new memories with some good food, and sharing our favorite recipes with each other; and now we want to share them with you.  try out our recipes, make a few new memories, we know you will love them too! 

Kitchen Aid Feature

The Ultimate First Aid Kit for Your Kitchen

Probably the most synonymous name when it comes to a stand mixer, Kitchen Aid’s Artisan benchmarks the industry with not only its powerful motor but as well as its generous bowl capacity

Entertaining is easy if you can offer three different toppings to go onto ready-prepared bruschetta. All three toppings may be made ahead of time.

Born & Bread Freshness

They may be served either as snacks with drinks,
or as an appetizer before the main course. With vegetarians in mind, we have included a veggie
topping which is super delicious. Makes approximately 20 canapés of each topping.

2 – 3 French loaves, cut into slices, or sour dough bread, cut into slices and then strips.
Olive oil for brushing cut bread slices.
Grill or bake in a very hot oven (220ºC/200ºC fan/Gas mark 7) for 8 – 10 minutes, until golden
and crispy.

Coffee Connection

The Moment You Have Bean Waiting For

We recently chatted to Mr Coffee SA – Wayne Oberholzer and asked how to make the best cup of coffee.

His answer:  “Haha!  When you find out, let me know!”  With that said, Wayne gave us some fabu-flavour tips on making the most delicious cup of coffee…

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le potage

The Bowled & the Beautiful

a chilled cucumber soup, ideal for those lazy days of summer.  warm soups; like our sweet corn soup perfectly paired with crunchy cumin popcorn create an absolute taste sensation, to nourish the soul.  looking for something healthy, cheap and easy to make? try out the golden carrot soup with peppadews.  there’s a soup for every occasion!


The Not So Bare Grills

Product Feature of the Week

Meet OptiGrill, our ultimate innovation. Its “Automatic Sensor Cooking” technology immediately detects the number of items placed on the grill and their thickness, and adjusts the temperature and cooking time automatically.

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