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Tumble Dryers

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  1. Candy 8kg Smart Dryer - CSV8LF

    Candy 8kg Smart Dryer - CSV8LFR-ZA

  2. AEG 10/6kg Front load washer/d

    OKOMix Technology: Your OKOMix machine will premix your detergent and softener with water before releasing it periodically to your clothes, ensuring all clothing receives a more balanced distribution of washing detergent.

  3. LG 12/8kg Silver Washer Dryer

    • TrueSteam™
    • 6 Motion DD
    • Inverter Direct Drive
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  4. Candy 8kg GrandoVita Washer Dr

    GrandoVita 9kg wash + 6kg dry, 1400rpm, Anthracite, Chrome Door, Wifi, Class A A A, Inverter, BigTouch, SA plug,  220/50

  5. Speed Queen 10.5kg Front Dryer

    Effcient axial airflow design, with a heavy-duty fan system and an advanced airflow pattern provides the ideal balance between drying temperature, airflow pattern and mechanical action.

  6. Candy 13kg Grandovita Washer D

    Candy 13kg Grandovita Washer Dryer - GVFW4138TWHCR

  7. Candy 9kg Smart Tumble Dryer -

    Candy 9kg Smart Tumble Dryer - CSV9LFR-ZA

  8. Candy 9kg Tumble Dryer - GVSC9

    Candy 9kg Tumble Dryer - GVSC9DCGR-ZA

  9. Candy 10kg Grandovita Tumble D

    Candy 10kg Grandovita Tumble Dryer - GVSFH10A2TCER

  10. Smeg 8kg White Dryer Heat Pump

    • 60cm 8KG White Freestanding Heat Pump
    • Tumble Dryer
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Items 1 to 10 of 34 total

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