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Warmer Drawers

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  1. Whirlpool 60cm Silver Warmer D

    6 Place Settings Convenient Storage
  2. Bosch 60cm Black Warmer Drawer

    The multifunctional warming drawer for the 14 cm niche: for pre-heating plates, keeping food warm and low temperature cooking.

    • Push-pull mechanism: easy opening and closing thanks to a practical spring mechanism.
    • Cleaning convenience: easy-to-clean hotplate made of tempered glass.
  3. Siemens 29cm Warmer Drawer - B


    • Installation typology
    • Height (mm)
      290 mm
  4. Siemens 14cm Silver Warmer Dra

    The warming drawer is perfect for preheating crockery, for keeping food warm and gentle cooking.

  5. The handleless warming drawer is easy to open thanks to the push/pull function.
  6. The warming drawer can be installed separately or in combination with a traditional oven or 45 cm compact appliance.
  7. The heated sheet admits a regulation in four temperature levels from 30°-80°C glass surface temperature
  • Grundig 60cm Intergrated Warme

    Become a master chef! Our cookers and ovens will help you to conjure up the most delicious dishes with ease, thanks to perfect technology. And they’re gentle on your energy bill too.

  • Smeg 60cm Stainless Steel Warm

    The CDA Classic CT3029X warming drawer is ideal for keeping hot food warm until you are ready to serve, without drying food out. This warming drawer gives you easy access of your dishes and plates. The CDA Classic CT3029X warming drawer with 51 litres capacity and 15kg maximum load weight, accommodates your dinnerware, so you can keep all your crockery and serving dishes hot and ready for meal time, without taking up valuable space in the oven. It is designed to be fitted directly beneath standard, compact and microwave ovens or coffee machines in a column, and also features a non slip drawer liner and comes in a fantastic stainless steel finish.

  • AEG 50cm Stainless Steel Warm

    60cm, built-in warming drawer for 12 place settings.
  • Bosch 29cm Warmer Drawer - BID

    This warming drawer can hold approximately 192 espresso cups or 40 plates (max 25kg). It can be used for dough proving, thawing of delicate foods, keeping drinks and food warm, pre-warming of crockery and gentle cooking. Temperature can be controlled in 4 levels.

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    8 Item(s)