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Showmax Promo (1st June 2021 till 31st October 2021)


Redemption process: Showmax Voucher (1st June 2021 till 31st October 2021)

1. Customers to send an email to
2. Email body must include customers: name, surname, contact number and a scan of the till slip / Invoice (to clearly show date and model number of the TV set bought).
3. Should all emailed information meet the requirements for this promotion.
4. Customer will receive a reply mail with the voucher code.
5. Using the voucher code customers will need to register on
·         Sign up /in with an email address and password

·         Enter your voucher code

·         Capture or confirm your payment details


6. After doing the registration – Customer can launch the Showmax app on Hisense Vidaa TV and pair the TV set to registered account – enjoy Showmax.

·         As an existing Showmax customer who has bought a Hisense Vidaa smart TV over the promo period, – and are currently on a different price plan to the one on a conditional voucher, will be able to activate the voucher via the My Account section and enter the conditional voucher code you would have received. 

7. Log into your Showmax account to redeem the voucher, enter voucher code to receive a credit on your account.

*Terms and Conditions apply


NOTE: If not complete information received via email, then correction mail will be sent requesting the missing information, Once information is received in full then the voucher code will be mailed to customer.


Showmax conditional voucher:

The conditional voucher is a Showmax subscription access voucher, giving the customer a number of predefined days access to the Showmax service conditional on them registering for a recurring billing subscription payment method and capturing the Conditional Voucher Code which is a unique number given to every customer.


Showmax Voucher Terms and Conditions (1st June 2021 till 31st October 2021)

Terms and Conditions to include in campaigns:

1.         Promotion period: 1/06/2021 – 31/10/2021.

2.         Showmax voucher activation period: 01/06/2021 – 20/11/2021.

3.         The 3 months Showmax conditional voucher subscription period is subject to signing up / into your Showmax account and selecting a valid recurring payment method.  Only then will your free trial (New users only) and 3 month Showmax conditional voucher subscription period begins.

4.         Valid payment methods are Cheque or Credit Cards as well as PayPal, MTN, Telkom and Vodacom.

5. If you are using MTN, Telkom or Vodacom you need to enter the mobile number that will be used at the end of the voucher period to process your subscriptions.

6.         If not cancelled during the Showmax conditional voucher subscription period, you will be billed for your first month Showmax subscription thereafter.  You can cancel at any time.

7.         You will still have access to the Showmax conditional voucher subscription period even if you remove your payment details.

8.         Should you receive multiple conditional vouchers for the same subscription plan, they can be activated at the same time and your first billing will only occur at the end of both voucher periods, if not cancelled before. 

9.         This Campaign cannot be activated or used by a Showmax subscriber currently paying for their Showmax subscription via some of our third party billing partners such as DStv, Mweb etc.

10. Should you be an existing subscriber using DStv or MWeb as a biling partner, customers are able to gift their Showmax voucher to a friend.  You will receive this prompt upon activation of your voucher.

10.       Only new Showmax subscribers may be granted a free 14 trial period

11.       Showmax nor Hisesne are not responsible for lost or stolen vouchers.

12.       Data costs may apply when watching content on Showmax.

13.       Visit for more Terms and Conditions.

14. Once redeemed, each Voucher Code shall be valid for three (3) months from the date of redemption by each customer.

(d)        Showmax reserves the right to refuse or cancel transactions carried out on the Showmax Service if they do not meet the requirements for subscription to the Showmax Service, applicable terms and conditions or if fraud or error is found in such transaction.

(e)        Showmax shall further have the right, at its discretion, without any liability, to terminate any subscription to the Showmax Service, at any time during the relevant subscription period if a Subscriber does not comply with the terms and conditions of such subscription.

(f)         The Voucher may not be exchanged for cash or deemed as cash.



Compatible devices required.

Requires successful registration to redeem voucher.

Internet connections is needed & DATA charges may apply

Video resolution is depended on internet speed and content on offer.