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Vacuum Cleaners

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  1. K'A'RCHER Floor Cleaner - FC5

    The Floor Cleaner FC 5's two-in-one function lets you mop and suction wet and dry dirt in just one step. No need to vacuum beforehand – mopping has never been easier, faster or more thorough. The automatically moistened, rotating microfibre rollers pick dirt up, while the water-dirt mixture is continuously suctioned off the rollers at the same time. This practical self-cleaning function keeps the rollers fresh and ready to use at all times. The Floor Cleaner offers even more convincing arguments: in comparison with conventional methods, the FC 5 uses up to 85% less water while providing significantly better cleaning performance. The FC 5 can be used on all standard hard floors, whether they are made of wood, stone or plastic.
  2. K'A'RCHER Bagless Cylinder Vac

    As with all Kärcher products, the bagless VC 3 Plus multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner features outstanding functionality.

  3. K'A'RCHER Compact High Pressu

    The "K2 Compact" stands out due to its compact dimensions and outstanding performance. The pressure washer is very versatile and mobile and is designed for space-saving storage. Equipment includes a trigger gun, an 4-m-long pressure hose, Vario Power spray lance, dirt blaster with rotating point jet for removing stubborn dirt and a reliable water filter to protect the pump against dirt.

  4. K'A'RCHER Yellow Multivac Vacu

    Foam filter element Filter bag, 1 piece(s)
  5. K'A'RCHER Premium Vacuum Clean

    Sturdy bumper Parking position
  6. K'A'RCHER Multivac Vacuum Clea

    Powerful and energy-efficient: the elegant MV 4 middle class multi-purpose vacuum cleaner with impact-resistant 20-litre plastic container and new patented filter removal technology.
  7. K'A'RCHER Standard Multivac -

    The powerful and energy-efficient MV 3 multi-purpose cleaner comes equipped with a 17-litre plastic container, a cartridge filter, as well as new accessories.
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7 Item(s)