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About LG

LG Electronics is focused on understanding our customers. We continually develop and offer optimal solutions and new experiences through ceaseless innovation, thus helping our customers lead better lives. Our slogan: “Life’s Good” captures our desire to create a happier, better life.

LG Electronics designs consumer electronics that are intuitive, responsive and sustainable, so you can spend wisely, be more productive and reduce the carbon footprint around you. We’re committed to providing electronics that work best for the way you live and to keep you updated with the latest technological advances. After all, at LG Electronics South Africa, we know that life’s better when you’re prepared.

Life’s more about having the latest technology. It’s about the experiences technology can create. From TVs and fridges to mobile phones and air conditioners, LG Electronics South Africa delivers consumer electronics that let you embrace life and prepare you for its greatest moments.

LG Home Entertainment

LG offers home entertainment systems, advanced audio and video equipment for your television that will exceed your home entertainment standards. Whether it's family movie night, surround sound on your home theatre or sound while you are on the go, LG delivers more than entertainment; LG delivers experiences of a lifetime.

Explore the various televisions offered by LG, along with the advanced video accessories and audio equipment for all of your home electronics needs.

The King of TVs, LG OLED TVs are changing the game. Experience your favourite movies with the deepest shades of black and brilliant whites – thanks to pixels that switch themselves on and off without needing a backlight. Pioneering screen technology is combined with 4K resolution in the latest OLED televisions. Scenes are packed with 8.3 million pixels of extraordinary detail and depth, and OLED TVs are compatible with leading high dynamic range (HDR) formats. Characters and landscapes are enhanced frame by frame with Dolby Vision HDR – bringing even more depth to the shadows. Colours are chosen from a palette of more than one billion. LG OLED TV Range has won numerous awards over the years for being best TV both locally and internationally.

The Queen of TVs - LG NanoCell TVs are our best LED 4K TVs. They deliver incredible picture quality to your living room – no matter where you sit. Tiny pixels are packed together tightly, filtering out dull shades and creating bright and vivid colour from any angle. Movies and boxsets in 4K HDR look incredible on NanoCell televisions – benefiting from the high dynamic range palette of more than one billion colours, and the added depth and detail of 4K resolution. Fast-paced next-gen games and live sport remain smooth as well, thanks to the powerful picture processing in NanoCell TVs. Experience adrenaline-fuelled action on the racetrack with zero motion blur.

Ultra HD TVs have set the new standard in television. Also known as 4K TVs and UHD TVs , they deliver picture quality four times sharper than your Full HD TV. More than eight million pixels are packed into the screen, adding detail and depth to every frame. You can even sit closer without the image breaking up. Experience the greatest 4K content from broadcasters or Netflix at its best on a 4K Ultra HD TV, from top-flight sport to the latest boxsets. Our premium NanoCell TVs and OLED TVs also boast Ultra HD resolution – complemented with more advanced display and picture technology.


LG Home Appliances:

From the kitchen, to the laundry room and every space in between, create a functional, stylish, energy-efficient home with our collection of innovative LG appliances designed for the busiest spaces in the house:

Kitchen: From one of the largest, most innovative collections of refrigerators, to elegant, high-performing microwaves, dishwashers and more - LG appliances have the heart of the home covered.

Laundry room: Explore our collection of award-winning, high-efficiency washers and high-performance dryers, as well as combo units that offer twice the performance in half the space.


Inverter Technology: More Effective, More Efficient

LG appliances and air conditioners are built with inverter technology. This means that the appliance uses less energy than conventional products. Apart from that, the LG inverter ensures even cooling temperatures in your refrigerator, quieter operation and a faster operation in your dishwasher and washing machine.
LG also offers a 10 year warranty on the Inverter motors or compressors.


LG ThinQ AI for a Better Life

Enrich your world with LG ThinQ, integrated into LG products ranging from mobile phones and televisions to refrigerators, washers and more. Explore LG ThinQ and discover how it’s helping to create seamless connections at home - and on-the-go - making life good. See for yourself how communicating and sharing data across devices creates an easier and more personalized experience that enhances your life and frees you up to do the things that matter most. Here are a few of the products and experiences that await:

LG OLED and NanoCell TVs with ThinQ deliver next-level AI (Artificial Intelligence) and elevated viewing experiences right to your living room. Discover game-changing intelligence that creates a cinematic experience and a center for your smart home and beyond.

When you choose appliances powered with LG’s intuitively smart AI technology, they go beyond just being appliances, to helping you manage your home and life. You can control selected appliances from your phone or TV, or download wash cycles specific to your needs – ensuring that a connected life makes life good.