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Samsung OLED TVs

Samsung's OLED TVs combine the pure blacks and limitless contrast from OLED technology with the true-to-life colours from Quantum Dots. With Samsung’s advanced Quantum Dot technology, it can increase the brightness levels to allow your OLED TV to reveal more detail. As well as ensuring colour accuracy at almost any level of brightness in your home. With 8.3 million self-lit pixels, discover the ultimate entertainment experience. Pair picture-perfect blacks with naturally bright colour and you'll experience intensely cinematic viewing – for all your content.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs

Neo QLED is an evolution of QLED which uses microscopic Quantum-dot technology for producing precise levels of light and colour. In contrast to QLED TVs, Neo QLEDs use tens of thousands of mini-LEDs in place of a backlight. Available in 8K and 4K resolution, Samsung Neo QLED TVs have a much greater amount of dimmable zones which produces even more precise brightness and contrast control, resulting in a truly remarkable picture quality like never before.

Samsung QLED TVs

QLED describes Quantum Dot based LEDs, a technology that Samsung pioneered. Quantum dots are microscopic, ultra-fine semiconductors that emit different colours of light depending on the particle size. These particles are able to emit colours to such accurate levels that it results in incredible picture quality. Samsung QLED TVs are then good for any lighting, both dark and bright rooms. The Samsung QLED TV Range includes 8K and 4K resolutions and covers a whole host of different sizes.

Samsung Crystal UHD TVs

Crystal UHD stands for Ultra High Definition. Crystal UHD TVs use LCD technology to produce 4K resolution (3840×2160 pixels). An important difference to note is that Crystal UHD TVs use LED backlight technology. This is in contrast to the more recent Neo QLED and QLED technologies which use thousands of mini LEDs to provide more clarity in comparison.

The inclusion of the Samsung Crystal 4K Processor sets this range of Samsung Crystal UHD TVs apart with an amazing ability to upscale content into vivid 4K, as well as perfectly balancing the sound.

Samsung HD & Full HD TVs

Samsung offers a variety of HD and Full HD TVs, but what do these terms actually mean? To put it simply, HD (High-Definition) TVs have 1,280 x 720 pixels and are capable of producing 720p resolution. UHD (Ultra High-Definition) TVs have 1,920 x 1,080 pixels which results in 1080p resolution. That’s approximately 1 million pixels for HD and 2 million pixels for UHD. Having more pixels available provides more clarity and heightens the picture quality overall.

HD or Full HD TVs are at a more accessible price compared to the latest TV technologies. Depending on your needs, an HD or Full HD TV may be more than enough as it can still include some of your favourite features such as Game Mode, Smart Apps and have HDR capability.


The technology behind self-lit pixels allow LG OLED TVs to be the only TVs offering picture perfect quality with perfect blacks. By contrast, LED and Mini LED TVs use backlighting combined with numerous other display layers, which affect screen thickness, TV weight, and most importantly, the picture quality.

Backlights also create the halo effect and prevent TVs from displaying perfect black, whereas OLED TVs showcase content in the way the director intended, with perfect picture quality. Nothing can compete with OLED. Self-lit pixels can show the tiniest star in the darkest sky with absolute precision and clarity.

Due to OLED pixels emitting their own light, they have up to 50% less blue light compared to traditional LCD TVs, meaning better eye health for you and your family. LG OLED is the first and finest OLED TV.


A new era in LED TVs have arrived with LG QNED TVs - where Quantum Dot meets NanoCell. These TVs take the best of both worlds - NanoCell technology filters out impure lights and Quantum Dot technology enhances all colours seen - fusing first class colour technology to deliver pure and rich colours to your home.

Some LG QNED TVs also make use of the latest backlighting technology - called Mini LEDs. Thanks to their smaller, densely packed backlight technology, they can achieve ultra-sharp contrast through precise control of multiple unique dimming blocks. As a result, images are clearer and halo effect is minimized for a better viewing experience.

The explosion of colour seen on LG QNED TVs is in a class of its own with the new colour technologies used in this vibrant display. See pure colours even richer with LG QNED.

LG NanoCell TVs

LG NanoCell TVs bring Pure Colours and stunning resolution to everything you watch. The secret behind Pure Colours lies in our NanoCell technology. Nanoparticles remove impure colors from RGB wavelengths, ensuring that only pure, accurate colors are displayed on-screen. Colour consistency is a representation of display consistency in terms of color and lightness. Certified by Intertek, LG NanoCell TVs deliver 100% colour constancy. LG NanoCell TV displays colours richly and accurately even when viewed from wide angles.

Laser TVs

Enjoy in the smooth, detailed and colorful perfected 4K images, projected onto an 80 inch above ambient light rejection screen, and enjoy your favorite Apps or contents instantly with smart operating system, The Hisense 4K Ultra short throw Laser TV creates an entirely new world for you, with extraordinary experience you have never met before.

Hisense Laser TV with its cutting-edge technology brings an entirely new experience, which adds a whole new dimension to our home, office, public spaces. It has a way of dominating the room and drawing you into whatever you are watching.

Hisense Laser TV is no longer just a window into the world, but it creates a new world into which we can enter.


Hisense has been leading the upgrade of TV technologies through researching and internalizing the most cutting-edge display technologies. Hisense ULED TVs have always represented our pursuit for the ultimate picture quality through constant advancement of LED Panels, Backlight Management, and Picture Engine.

Hisense ULED TVs deliver detailed, exquisite and lifelike images by Hisense's state-of-the-art LED backlight control and colour management technologies, as well as a set of algorithms. ULED Technology elevates the overall picture quality to a remarkable level with authentic colour, brilliant contrast, clear motion, and distinct details.

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