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About Candy

Candy: a successful story, from the first washing machine to the appliances connected via Wi-Fi.

Candy produced the first Italian washing machine in 1945 and in the late 1950s invented the modern front-loading washing machine. This became synonymous of washing in Italy.

Candy is now an international brand and offers a full range of large free-standing and built-in appliances incorporating the most advanced technologies, functionality and “Made in Italy” design, and excellent performance.

Over the years, Candy’s mission has not changed, always meeting the needs of consumers with innovative, easy-to-use and affordable products.

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Enhance your way of life today with Candy. Shop essential high performance, free-standing, and built-in appliances from a World-Class brand. As a leading international company, Candy brings you the most advanced technologies with an ever-stylish Italian design.

Elevate your Lifestyle with Candy

Step into a world where Candy brings you innovation and affordability with the best in quality appliances for your home. Candy has a wide range of Wi-Fi-connected appliances, from large appliances like washing machines, washer dryers, tumble dryers, hobs, hoods and smaller domestic appliances, like vacuums.