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1. Does Hirsch’s carry spare parts

Yes we do. We have a spares department in each of our stores for you convenience, or you could email us at [email protected]

2. Will Hirsch’s price match?

Yes we do. (Terms and Conditions apply)

3. Do we deliver to areas where there are no Hirsch stores?

Yes we deliver countrywide

4. Does Hirsch’s offer a discount on bulk purchases?

Yes we do

5. Can one use Discovery Miles online?

Yes we accept Discovery Miles, click here to find out how.

6. Does Hirsch’s repair appliances out of guarantee and purchased from elsewhere?

Yes, we have our very own service and repair department that can take care of your repairs.

7. I would like to know how much Loyalty points I have available.

Send us an email [email protected] or call any one of our stores and we will gladly assist you. Click here to find a store.

8. Is Hirsch's a public recipient when it comes to FNB payments?

Yes, as an FNB customer, you must select Hirsch as a public recipient. Once you select Hirsch ( it won’t necessarily show the banking details because this has been pre-inserted for your convenience) we can assure you that there is only one Hirsch public recipient.
Please always be sure to send a copy of the proof of payment to your salesman once payment is completed.