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About Grundig

WE ARE GRUNDIG | For more than six decades, we have been a beacon of German innovation and precision, enriching the global market with a diverse array of technologically advanced and premium appliances.

However, we embody a deeper essence; one that transcends the conventional realm of home electronics. This sentiment reverberates not solely in the appliances we meticulously craft but also in the enhanced quality of life they impart.

We understand that our customers seek more than just appliances; they seek experiences, reliability, and beauty in simplicity.

Our commitment to fulfilling these needs has remained steadfast, and we persistently strive to comprehend your needs more profoundly, aiming to alleviate the rigors of your daily endeavors.

As a global brand with a strong eco-conscience, we feel that it’s our responsibility to lead the fight against food waste. By adopting the Respect Food initiative, we champion the cause of reducing food waste. This initiative aims to inspire everyone to fight with us, by showing people how to tackle waste in kitchens with innovative appliances.

Discover our diverse selection of cleaning, cooling, and cooking appliances that define our brand, ranging from dishwashers to refrigerators. Each appliance is designed with precision and energy efficiency in mind, aiming to conserve water, minimize chemical usage, and utilize cutting-edge technologies and features:

  • PET TubTM Technology - Our washing machines feature PET Recycled Tubs, made with up to sixty recycled plastic bottles. By repurposing plastic bottles into strong, long-lasting materials, our washing machines are environmentally friendly, helping to decrease the pollution caused by harmful plastic bottles.
  • HygieneCareTM Technology - HygieneCare Feature increases the water temperature up to 70°C to kill bacteria and viruses found in dishwashers. The steam generated from high temperatures and an extra hot rinse cycle helps eliminate 99.999% of bacteria, including Enterococcus Faecium, Bovine Coronavirus and Murine Norovirus.
  • HotAero ProTM Technology - With the help of a new fan system and a redesigned oven interior, Grundig’s HotAero Pro technology ensures a more even heat distribution throughout the oven. This minimizes temperature changes and ensures even cooking throughout, preventing burnt edges or undercooked centers for more consistent results.
  • FullFresh+TM Technology - Actively working to combat food wastage, our Full Fresh+ crisper drawer's carefully controlled humidity levels and improved airflow help keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days.

With a 5-year parts and labour warranty, GRUNDIG is committed to looking after your appliances, giving you not only German technology and reliability at its best, but also piece of mind.

Our ethos goes beyond mere products; it reflects a lifestyle choice, a commitment to quality, and an appreciation for the finer things | It Starts at Home.