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About Nespresso

Nespresso came up with a simple but revolutionary idea: to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee with an exquisite crema, tantalising aroma and full-bodied taste, as generations of skilled baristas have done, yet with maximum convenience. This spirit of innovation is still alive in our continuous quest for excellence at all stages of our coffee creations, from the cherry on the tree to your perfectly extracted cup.

Whether it’s a cappuccino to ease into the morning gently or a latte macchiato to finish off lunch, Nespresso has transformed the way coffee is prepared with a range of smartly designed and easy-to-use coffee machines.  

Did you know? We use aluminium for the capsules protecting our coffee to ensure you get the freshest cup of quality coffee every time. It provides the best protection again oxygen, light and humidity, which can greatly affect the taste. But that’s just the start of it – aluminium is 100% and infinitely recyclable, meaning Nespresso coffee capsules start as and become, new aluminium products once recycled.