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About Siemens

Siemens Home Appliances – Let the future in.

Engineering products today, that belong in tomorrow. Developing Siemens home appliances that revolutionise your home – and your life – through cutting-edge technologies and an unmatched user experience. Pioneering new horizons through connected appliances. Making your home, your sanctuary, more intuitive than you ever thought possible.

Breakthrough technologies so intuitive, it will transform your home. Simplifying your day-to-day, while inspiring a new way of living. Siemens innovations – enjoy the future, today.

Explore a world of exciting possibilities that begins in your own home.

Siemens has always stood for pioneering innovations and proven German engineering. Our technologies and exclusive design are inspired by urban lifestyle and developed to the highest standards.

Seamless Life.

In a Seamless Life everything works the way you want and expect it to, and the way you are managing it leads you to the next, life-enhancing experience. This is enabled by connected technologies that help you manage the complexities of everyday life for more control, self-optimization and freedom. Living a Seamless Life with Siemens Home Appliances is about recognising that this enhanced lifestyle is a result of intelligent and inspiring behaviour and technology, aiming for continued excellence.

Transforming your home, while simplifying your life.

The introduction of Siemens home appliances irrevocably changed the way households were run around the world. And from the beginning of the 20th century, Siemens not only pioneered breakthrough technologies in home appliances but has always been one step ahead. Always anticipating the need of the consumer and delivering solutions that made life simpler, more efficient, and extraordinary.

Innovation that lets the future in.

Developing innovations in technology that take the ordinary, and transform it into something extraordinary. Not years from now. Not tomorrow. But today. The brilliant innovations found in Siemens home appliances, not only set a new standard in applied technology, they redefine the way we run our households. Simplifying and re-defining our day-to-day, with inspiring and intuitive features and functionalities.

Technology that empowers.

Discover the vast range of Siemens technologies, inherent in every home appliance, and experience your household as you know it, revolutionised. From your kitchen to your laundry, Siemens’ innovative technologies will make your home smarter, more intuitive and more self-sufficient than ever before.