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Delonghi La Specialista Prestigio - EC9355.M


Delonghi La Specialista Prestigio - EC9355.M

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La Specialista Prestigio offers an indulgent and enjoyable coffee experience, providing consumers with consistent quality tasting coffee.
From Dynamic Preinfusion Technology to 3 automatic one-touch recipes, each feature of La Specialista Prestigio has been meticulously designed to enhance coffee and milk preparation at home.
From getting the best out of each type of beans to experimenting with milk creations, giving coffee lovers the effortless craft of perfect coffee every time. 
There seems to be some difference, especially in the info off what's in the box.

Technology excellence combined harmoniously with the lines of a distinctive design: this makes the La Specialista Prestigio not just a style icon, but also a guarantee of ergonomy and ease of use, in every single operation and function.

Strong characterization of the elements necessary to reinforce the family feeling and the specific identity within the Specialista range.

Stainless steel used as main material to emphasize the sturdiness and the durability as well as the professionalism of the machine.

The perfect grind with all coffee beans variety with sensor grinding technology with 8 settings.

High dose amount to extract at the best all types of coffee roasts as single wall filters with up to 20 gr of coffee

Each cup of coffee is perfectly brewed to exalt all coffee aromas & flavours. This is due to:
3 Infusion temperature profiles
Active temperature control
Dynamic pre-infusion

Experiment with Latte art and create delicious silky textured drinks with the My LatteArt steam wand

Sensor Grinding Technology:
The advanced grinder is equipped with two sensors to deliver a consistent coffee dose.
Grind settings to manage different types of coffee beans

It measures the grinder position and adjusts the grinding time to ensure proper dosage and grind size, to always deliver a consistent dose according to the recipe.
The internal grinding position sensors identify what position the grinder has been set to by the user, calculate and adjust the grinding time during operation.
Adjusting grinding time delivers a more consistent and accurate dose, leading to more consistent beverages.

Smart Tamping Station:
Craftsmanship becomes smart: just activate the lever to tamp the dose with the right pressure, without mistakes and mess. Everything happens inside the machine.

After grinding, the user pulls the lever to tamp the coffee in the portafilter.
Tamping at the right pressure and consistently is fundamental to obtain perfect results in cup.
The lever will stop once the correct tamping pressure is reached.  

This technology ensures no more loose or too dense doses, consistent results and no mess: grinding and tamping are all done internally so no coffee is spilled on the machine or countertop.

Dynamic Prefusion:
The pre-infusion is dynamic because its length is adapted to the density of the coffee dose, in order to ensure the entire surface is evenly and gently wet. This contributes to reach a perfect extraction.

When the water hits the ground coffee in the filter, the coffee increases in volume.
During this pre-infusion phase it is important that the coffee grounds can accommodate this expansion otherwise there might be the risk of an under-extraction.

With La Specialista Prestigio the pre-infusion is dynamic because its length is adapted to the density of the coffee dose, in order to ensure the entire surface is evenly and gently wet. This contributes to reach a perfect extraction.

Active Temperature Control:
High performing Thermoblock with controlled temperature system which ensures ideal temperature stability for an coffee brewing.
The temperature profiles bring out the full flavor of your beans

Stable Temperature Brewing
Water temperature is fundamental for the ideal brewing consistency of the coffee dose. Active Temperature Control technology ensures stable water temperature throughout the whole coffee brewing process, for the ideal extraction.

2 Independent Heating Systems for coffee and milk
1 dedicated Thermoblock heats water for coffee and 1 dedicated Heating system to steam milk. This will result in no waiting time between brewing and frothing/steaming milk.

3 Infusion Temperature Profiles
Different coffee bean varieties with different roasting level require their own specific temperature setting for the best extraction. La Specialista Prestigio offers up to 3 infusion temperature profiles to select, corresponding to a range of temperatures between 92° and 96°C.

My Latte Art:
A dedicated heating system for milk preparation ensures great steam performances.
For the barista experience, you can manually texture milk using the My Latte Art steam wand.

Texturing with excellent foam performance
In order to prepare a perfect cappuccino, frothing milk the best way is fundamental, which may not be an easy task.
Microfoam texture and temperature are the two elements that, when combined, play an essential role in achieving the desired result.
The steam wand is made by an internal plastic tube covered by a metal outer tube. This is connected via a valve to the heating system: user activates the steam by opening the internal valve through a dedicated knob.
Thanks to the internal plastic tube, the wand is “cool touch” meaning there is no risk of high temperatures on the outside of the metal tube.

Dedicated Heating System for Milk
Great frothing performance is possible thanks to the dedicated heating system for milk, which ensures the machine is always ready, at the right temperature, to start frothing.

3 pre-set recipes:
La Specialista Prestigio can prepare 3 different recipes.
Selecting from the front beverage dial you can choose between Espresso, Coffee, Americano* and the machine will deliver the recipe directly in your cup.
La Specialista Prestigio is equipped with a dedicated water spout specifically engineered to pour hot water directly into the cup for the preparation of Americano beverage.

What's in box
1 x Pump Espresso machine
1 x 300ml milk Jug
1 & 2 cup Single Wall Baskets
1 x Descaling solution
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Cleaning Brush & Steam Wand Needle
1 x Softballs: Anti-Limescale Spheres for Coffee Machines 

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